To get what she wanted, Jane had to let go of the belief that the way things were was the way they had to be.  She had to let go of the belief that she would appear weak if she asked to renegotiate her workload or selfish if she prioritized her own needs.  She had to let go of the passive stance that left her feeling “good” but inadequate and replace it with an assertive stance that felt risky but powerful.

Three questions arising from this post,

1. What are you willing to let go, in order to get what you want?

2. How comfortable are you with asserting your own power?

3. Where are you being held hostage to an overdeveloped desire to be good?

Yours with creativity and imagination,


p.s. This post is excerpted from a case study in my book Conversations for Power and Possibility: Four Simple Conversations to Transform Your Life and Change the World




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