I have to say I’ve been knocked back by the events of the past couple of weeks. Especially the political situation in the United States. I’ve felt angry, frightened, powerless. At the same time I’ve felt awakened.

The bright spot in it all for me was the Women’s March in Washington and around the globe. (The photo with this post shows me with members of my book club at City Hall in Hamilton.) It was a powerful thing to be connected with so many women, marching for our values, making our voices heard. Afterwards I didn’t want to let that feeling to. I came home determined to stay active. I emailed friends who are in the know to keep me on their rapid response phone lists. And wondered what else I could do to be of service.

One thing I know to do is offer my book Conversations for Power and Possibility as a resource for those who find yourselves pulled into a downward spiral of fear and helplessness by the continuous stream of bad news over social media. This is a hopeful book designed to help you find power when you feel powerless and be alert for new possibilities for action as they emerge. I wrote it out of my experience in the financial crash of 2008 when I led 60+ coaches into Starbucks stores in downtown Toronto to help those impacted by the crash.

Another thing I can do is offer Coaching for the Morally Ambitious to those committed to moving forward a progressive agenda and resisting attempts to roll back the progress that’s been made in the past fifty years.

There’s been debate on social media and especially sites like LinkedIn as to whether or not business and politics should be kept separate. I can’t speak for anyone else. But my business is about living your values in the world. So I’m wearing mine on my sleeve.

Yours with creativity and imagination,


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