Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is still on my mind.  He created such intriguing characters.  In particular Violet, the brains of the family.

“Anyone who knew Violet could tell she was thinking hard, because her long hair was tied up in a ribbon to keep it out of her eyes. Violet had a real knack for inventing and building strange devices, so her brain was often filled with images of pulleys, levers and gears and she never wanted to be distracted by something as trivial as her hair.”

Whenever things got really dire for the children, they would turn to their sister and say, “Violet, tie up your hair.” And she would think them out of the dilemma.

Violet is my grandmother’s  name.  Her early life was also a series of unfortunate events.  When she was very young her father was struck by lightning and died.  Unable to keep the farm, her mother brought the five little ones into town and they lived in a boarding house where she worked as a cook.  They hadn’t been there long when the great Haileybury fire broke out and the whole town burned.  They were homeless until they found a wagon that could carry them to their grandfather’s farm already overcrowded with a young wife and second family.  Not long after my grandmother became ill.  Her appendix burst and she almost died.  All her hair fell out and the kids at school weren’t very kind.  On the positive side, it grew back thick and beautiful and naturally wavy and even at the age of 99 she is just a little bit vain about it.

Three morals in this story:

1. There is more to a Violet than appears at first glance.

2. Pay attention when she ties up her hair.

3. She has been know to withstand more than her fair share of unfortunate events and land on her feet.

Yours with creativity and imagination,


p.s. The featured image is of my grandmother Violet with one of her great, great granddaughters.

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