The sound of true words, surfacing from the deep, breaching like the whales I watched off the coast of Newfoundland.

The oceans are vast but the great ones gather at the shoals to feed. I’ve seen them circle, open their mouths in unison to take in water, push it out again through baleen that keep the fish in.

I’ve seen the fish flash silver in the hold of a fishing boat. We cast our nets and pull them in again, a ritual action. Sometimes they come back empty, but sometimes the haul is heavy, and like to break the nets.

I’m reminded of a poem by David Whyte.


Loaves and Fishes

This is not
the age of information.

This is not
the age of information.

Forget the news,
and the radio,
and the blurred screen.

This is the time
of loaves
and fishes.

People are hungry
and one good word is bread
for a thousand.

— David Whyte
from The House of Belonging 
©1996 Many Rivers Press

Thanks to all those who gathered at our writing workshop on Sunday.  And to Eman whose writing on the ocean inspired the imagery in my reflection on the day.  Special thanks to Martyn Kendrick who has been my teacher these many years.  It is a privilege to share you with my network.

Three little fish caught in this reflection:

1. There is nothing more satisfying than the sound of true words spoken.

2. Unless those words are spoken from the depths of your own experience.

3. People are hungry, and one good word is food for a thousand.

Yours with creativity and imagination,


p.s. This writing workshop was a great success, and due to popular demand and our own desire, we will be holding more of these sessions in the near future.  Stay tunes for announcements.




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