Every November my friend Kim holds her annual Soup Share.   It’s a competition.  Each cook enters their signature soup and the rest of us pay $2 per cup to taste them.  We vote for the best of the evening.  The money goes to charity and the winner is awarded the coveted silver ladle.  I associate Kim with soup, and with all the domestic arts that make a house a home.

Kim came to visit me when I lived in France a few years ago.  I’d rented a 300 year old house right on the main street of the village.  It looks quaint but smelled terrible, all dank and sour.  It was so bad that I spent very little time there, making Le Petit Bar across the road my home away from home.  But when Kim arrived the first thing she did was go out and buy some herbs and a blue footed chicken.  The butcher asked her if she wanted the bird complete, which confused her at first, but then he signed to ask if he should cut off its head and feet.  She said he should, but then afterwards she regretted not having taken a picture, so she had him retrieve the severed body parts and reassemble the bird for a photo.  The soup was delicious and kitchen smelled much better after that.

Tonight the winning soup was Sweet Potato Sunrise. We raised $400 for our local Neighbour 2 Neighbour program.  I’d been tired and reluctant to head out into the dark at the start of the evening, not sure I was up for a social occasion.  But when I got home my son Cameron said I looked more rested than when I’d left. (He specializes in these backhanded compliments.) Something about eating homemade soup in a home filled with love, a little healthy competition among friends, and the chance to share our good fortune with our neighbours in need is good for me, body and soul.

Three morals in this story,

1. Soup is good for body and soul.

2. Even better if made with love and eaten in good company.

3. One of Jesus’ reported miracles was to feed a crowd of 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish.  Which is a lot like what the Neighbour 2 Neighbour program will do with our eight pots of soup.

Yours with creativity and imagination,


p.s. Consider a donation to Neighbour 2 Neighbour.  People all over the world need our help.  But I think there is something especially important about neighbours being there for each other.

p.s. The feature image is of my friends Kim and Liz in my kitchen in friends, about the enjoy our Blue Footed Chicken Soup.

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