A rule of thumb in the indie business world is that you need 1,000 true fans to make a decent living. True fans are those people with whom your work and your voice really resonate. They believe in you and what you’re doing and are always curious to find out what you’re up to next. They are inclined to buy what you’re selling and to show up to see you when you go on tour. You can have any number of “friends” and contacts and likes. But it’s the true fans that really count.

I have 100 true fans. And I am deeply grateful for every one. Many of you have followed my work for years, and in some cases we’ve collaborated on joint projects too.

Because I have 100 true fans, I can decide to mount a one woman show and be confident I can fill a room to that capacity.  Recently I performed my show, In Chaos I Trust, at The Staircase Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario. There were 67 seats and we sold out two weeks in advance. We turned away about a dozen people who called too late. Next week I will perform the same show in Toronto. 33 of my remaining 100 true fans have snapped up tickets. But once we reached that number, sales slowed right down.

This has me wondering what it would take to grow my true fan base by a power of ten. I have quite a few thoughts about that. One thing I know is that the each one bring one strategy is powerful. So if you are a true fan of my work, I would appreciate you introducing me to a true fan of yours.

You might even want to bring them along to the Toronto performance of In Chaos I Trust. It’s playing Feb. 12 and 13 at The Red Sandcastle Theatre. You can follow the link for tickets.

Three morals in this story,

  1. I am incredibly grateful to have 100 true fans.
  2. Wisdom is, you need 1,000 to make a living with your art.
  3. As an artist I am fulfilled by the act of self expression. As a producer I need bums in seats.

Yours with creativity and imagination,


p.s. In Chaos I Trust: The Grand Unifying Theory of My Life. Playing Feb 12 and 13 at The Red Sandcastle in Toronto.

It’s totally original, mind bending, inspirational. A cosmic quest. The unfolding of a personal myth. Part memoir, part poem, part physics lesson. Did I mention that I sing?


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