In my book Conversations for Power and Possibility I write about getting clear about what you can control, what you can influence and what you must let go.  Of all these choices, letting go can be the hardest.

There is a difference between letting go and giving up.  Giving up is an acceptance of defeat.  Letting go is a powerful choice that honours the wisdom of right timing, and natural process.  It acknowledges that sometimes trying harder to control an outcome is counter productive.  And creates space for new and unexpected possibilities to emerge.

Letting go is hard at the best of times, but never more so than when it comes to our children and their futures.  I know this first hand as I have two young adult sons, both struggling to find their way in these precarian times.

Today I was speaking with my friend and colleague Maggie DiStasi. (We hosted the Feet in the Ground podcasts together earlier this year.) She has developed a workshop for mothers who are struggling to let go, so that their adult children can find their own way.  Because it is Maggie leading, you can be sure that the tone will be respectful, compassionate, without judgement or advice giving.  Here are the details.  I hope you’ll pass them on to people who might be interested.  The invitation comes with my highest recommendation.

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Letting Go –
A workshop for: Mothers of young adult children that are trying to find their own way

If you are:

  • A mother or guardian to a young adult child
  • Worried or concerned about the future of your child, including their ability to survive and thrive in the new economy
  • Wanting to better understand your own thoughts and feelings so that you may get relief and be able to support your child’s journey  more effectively

Come join me and other mothers or guardians that are in a similar situation, without judgment or advice-giving.

Together, we will:

  • Explore your thoughts and feelings using self-reflection techniques, group discussion and guided meditation
  • Learn how being intentionally reflective can help you:
    • Create peace in the moment, and
    • Generate new and different ways to approach caring for yourself and your child at this time

You will take away:

  • An appreciation of the fundamental aspects of being reflective and how it can guide you in this situation (+ tools to practice on your own)
  • Insight into your worry and concern that will help you become more open and objective
  • Your next steps for moving forward

When:         Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, 9am-4pm

Where:       Talk/Touch/Move @ 357 Jane St. (just south of Jane & Annette)

Cost:            $150 + HST

To reserve your spot, please call 416.988.5115 or contact me here.  We look forward to seeing you!



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