One of the hardest things to do is to connect with a stranger in the virtual world.  The right words can help.  I try to find them for my blog.  But there is nothing like getting voice to voice and face to face.  So I am experimenting with video blogs.

It’s not like this is a new idea.  It’s been on my mind for years.  But every time it stuck its neck out and presented itself, the idea got shot down.  The other voices in my head would pounce on it immediately with statements like:

  • “you’re not very photogenic”
  • “the camera puts on 10 pounds and you’re carrying some extra already”
  • “who do you think you are”
  • “what do you have to say that’s worth hearing”
  • “it will cost too much”
  • “you have no idea how to do this”

I’m embarrassed to say how long I listened.  As if these critical voices had my best interests at heart and by listening to them I could stay safe and be happy. But of course what happened is I just stayed stuck.

Fortunately the voice of my desire is persistent.  And eventually I got tired of its badgering and began to take action.  I watched the video blogs of others and started making notes about what I liked and didn’t.  I checked out what I could do myself using Youtube and Google Hangouts.  I took a course in web t.v. series production and started to make friends with expertise in film making.  I started making plans.

And then I got bogged down again.  In making plans.  Because I just couldn’t get my vision down on paper, into a script or storyboards.  My mind was too restless.  My thoughts too skittish.  Whenever I attempted to capture them they ran away like wild colts into the morning mist of confusion.  First I was discouraged.  Then I thought “Oh, sod it.”

I called up a film maker friend, booked a date, scouted a few good locations, chose a few of the core ideas from my written blogs and decided to improvise as an experiment.  To learn behind the camera, and in the editor’s chair, rather than trying to imagine and plan everything in advance.  Thankfully I know from experience, and from my Kolbe profile as a Quickstart, that this is often the best way for me to get from here to there.

In a matter of weeks I had four video blogs under the Lifescapers umbrella: Compelling CharactersYou Only Get One LifeMind ShowerWild Design. As well as some additional footage for my website.  And I love them.  The strangest part was looking at myself on screen and thinking that I liked the woman I saw there.  I’m proud of her.  I’m proud of me.  Of course, there are things I will change in the future.  These are a beginning.  But in watching them I find myself not so much looking for flaws as for potential.

I hope you’ll look at them the same way.  And whatever blocks you’re putting between yourself and the people you want to connect with, you’ll take them down right now.

Three morals in this story,

1. We want to make a meaningful connection.

2. But we’re afraid to risk putting ourselves out there with all our imperfections.

3. Don’t think too much.  Just do it.

Yours with creativity and imagination,


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