About Darlene

Darlene Chrissley, BA, MLS

Darlene Chrissley been a professional coach for over 20 years and was instrumental in establishing the coaching profession in Canada.

She was first to bring professional coach training in Canada, was a founding member of the GTA chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and co-developed the coaching program taught at Adler coaching schools around the world. She was among the first Canadian coaches to earn a Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential from the ICF.

Darlene is also an organizational development specialist with expertise in leadership development, and organizational change. She trained in conflict management with the Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario.

Darlene has worked with hundreds of individuals from all walks of life, in Canada and around the world. Her corporate clients come from health care, government, banking, media, IT and manufacturing. Private clients include entrepreneurs, artists and individuals committed to developing their potential and realizing their dreams.

She has a passion for music, poetry, storytelling, and drama and believes in the power of the arts to help people see themselves and the world in new ways. She brings creativity and imagination to learning design, with a focus on creating experiences that shift people’s perceptions and behaviour. She has worked as a corporate actor and facilitator for simulation based training. Her one person show, In Chaos I Trust, was featured at the 2016 Soulo Theatre Festival in Toronto, Canada.

In 2008 when the economic crisis rocked the world, Darlene responded by bringing dozens of coaches into Starbucks stores in the Toronto city centre to offer coaching support to those impacted by the crash. The tools created for that program form the basis of her 2012 book, Conversations for Power and Possibility.

Darlene makes her home in the beautiful Dundas Valley. Recently her grown children have left the nest and she’s still getting used to all the space.

The Nicest Things My Clients Ever Said About Me

I find you refreshingly insightful, articulate, funny and wise….and lacking in woo woo.

You’re like a walking encyclopedia of useful knowledge, I just ask the question and you spit out the reference.

Coaching with you has been more useful than all the leadership development programs I’ve done put together.

You always find just the right words to describe what I’m feeling.

I just want to fold you up like a piece of paper and stick you in my pocket.

I feel God’s delight in me, when I’m with you.

You speak like a real person. And you never make it seem like you’re smarter than me.

When I know I’m coming to see you it’s like I’m playing hide and seek and it’s time to run home.