I hold many titles and fulfill many roles, but the one that comes closest to my core is writer.

Writing is the best way I’ve found to learn about myself and make sense of the world. It is the path I take to come to my own centre and a vehicle to express the truth that I find there.  Of course it is also a powerful way to connect with other human beings.

I’ve been writing since I was a child: songs, poems, stories, scripts, books, articles and, of course, my blog. So you’d think by now I could just dash these things off.  Not so.

Each time I sit down to write is a new beginning, with attendant rituals.  Stilling the mind, becoming present to the body, I begin to walk the labyrinth toward the centre point. In my imagination there is a well at the heart of the labyrinth.  I get into the bucket and lower myself down into the world beneath the world.  I explore it then like a child in a fairy tale, and write what I see as accurately as I can.

You’d think this kind of writing I describe would be a solitary affair and sometimes it is. But I find social writing to be a wonderfully rich and freeing experience.  In the presence of other writers I become less self-conscious rather than more so. The presence of so many people engaged in the same process creates its own energetic field that heightens the experience.  I’m reminded of a phrase attributed to Jesus – where two or more are gathered I am there in the midst of you.  In my cosmology, Jesus is the muse.

My flowering as a writer has been greatly enhanced by working with Martyn Kendrick.  He is a writer, sculptor, labyrinth designer and multi-faceted artist. I always think of him as a wise monk and respect him as a great teacher.

On Sunday, February 2, 2014, Martyn and I will be holding a writing workshop at the old Valley City Manufacturing building in Dundas, Ontario.  We’d love for you to join us.

It’s a wonderful old building with lots of character in a valley town known for its charm.  (I may be biased since I call it home.) Coffee, fruit and muffins will await your arrival.  We’ll have homemade soup for lunch.  And we’ll write.

The writing sessions will be structured, to the extent that we will all begin from a common point.  Each writer’s path will diverge from there.  We’ll stop periodically to exchange (on a voluntary basis) stories from the road.  The writing sessions will be supported, with Martyn offering guidance and sharing insights throughout the day.

The details:

Who       Writers at all levels who want to go deeper and write better

What      A Writing Workshop with Martyn Kendrick and Darlene Chrissley

When     Sunday, February 2, 2014 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Where    Valley City Manufacturing, 64 Hatt St., Dundas, Ontario

Map       Driving Directions/Map

Cost       $60 + HST ($67.80)


9:30-10:00    coffee, fruit, muffins, welcome and introductions

10:00 -12:00 writing session

12:00-1:30    lunch and walk (weather permitting)

1:30-4:00       writing session

Email admin@darlenechrissley.com to reserve your space 

Martyn Kendrick

“Each of us has a voice within us struggling to be heard above trips to the grocery store, doing tax returns, saving money, running a business or taking the kids to classes.  We need to listen in on our inner world and hear what is spoken to us in the depths of our experience.”

Martyn Kendrick, Writing Lifestories And Other Fictions

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