This weekend Lydia and I drove to Lenox, Massachusetts to attend a workshop with SARK, author of such books as Making Your Creative Dreams Real and Change Your Life Without Getting Out of Bed.

Some of my current dreams are to write a book, perform a one-woman show, lose twenty pounds, and go orienteering in the Dundas Valley. But not all my dreams are so grand. Here is one from my 2003 journal.

“I have a dream. And in this dream my house is clean. Clean house, dream house. The cupboards are in order, all contents useful and beautiful, neatly hanging on hangers or sitting on shelves, waiting to be called into service. My fridge sparkles, my stove glows. And everything smells delicious. In my dream my dog is clean, bringing calm and comfort instead of dirt, disorder and despair wherever he goes. In my dream the clean remains and greets me whenever I open a door or look out a window or into a glass. Wonderful dream. Eternal clean. Not just the momentary, transitory clean that glistens like a mirage in the desert and disappears the moment you step into it. What would it take to get clean, stay clean, live clean, breathe clean in the clean light of day? Is it too late for Darlene of the dirty desk to find deliverance?”

Lately the dream has been recurring, so this morning found me in the jacuzzi reading Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson. Here’s what she had to say.

“The sense of being at home is important to everyone’s well being. If you do not get enough of it, your happiness, resilience, energy, humor and courage will decrease.”

“Housekeeping creates cleanliness, order, regularity, beauty, the conditions for health and safety, and a good place to do and feel and the things you wish and need to do and feel in your home.”

“It is your housekeeping that makes your home alive, that turns it into a small society in its own right, a vital place with its own ways and rhythms, the place where you can be more yourself than you can be anywhere else.”

I have a dream. And I am committed to making it real. But, with all due respect to SARK, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to get out of bed to do it.

Three Morals in this Story:

1. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes.
2. They wait patiently until we are ready to act on them.
3. The sense of being at home is important to everyone’s well being.

Yours with creativity and imagination,

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