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It's better to inspire than to instruct.

How to Be Consistently Creative

It has taken most of my life to understand the conditions that best support me as a creative being. In the absence of this knowledge I have often felt ungrounded and unsure. Finding it has made me at once more stable and more free. Here’s what I know for sure,...

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10 Step Creative Process

Artists work in a kind of dance between what they see in their imagination and what they can create in the real world. It is by managing the tension between these two domains that they create works of art that are original and meaningful. Creative practices develop...

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Bragging Rights

I’ve heard it said that most of what we share on social media is bragging. I guess it follows that you can tell a lot about what a person values by what they choose to post. I don’t put much stock in fame or money or possessions or even professional...

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100 True Fans

I have 100 true fans and I am grateful for every one. But wisdom is you need 1,000 true fans to make a living. As an artist, I am fulfilled by creative expression. As a producer I need bums in seats.

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Is It Funny?

In Chaos I Trust: The Grand Unifying Theory of My Life. Playing Feb 12 and 13 at The Red Sandcastle in Toronto. It’s totally original, mind bending, inspirational. A cosmic quest. The unfolding of a personal myth. Part memoir, part poem, part physics lesson. Did I mention that I sing?

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