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It's better to inspire than to instruct.

I Wear My Values on My Sleeve

I have to say I’ve been knocked back by the events of the past couple of weeks. Especially the political situation in the United States. I’ve felt angry, frightened, powerless. At the same time I’ve felt awakened. The bright spot in it all for me was...

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Coaching for the Morally Ambitious

You have high ideals. You want to reach your potential, do work that matters and make the world a better place. Not content to be a dreamer, you take action to turn dreams into reality. And continually invest in your own development. Morally ambitious is a great thing...

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Love is an Alloy

I sometimes think that I’ve won my freedom at the cost of my parents’ broken hearts. I wonder if that’s true for all children who do not follow in their parents’ footsteps. Who choose another path. Pure love is rare. Most of us experience it only in its...

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I Grew Up in Disneyland

Growing up in a protective religious community was a lot like living in Disneyland. Everything was clean and shiny and wholesome and orderly. There were many opportunities to develop our talents and perform. We tried very hard to bring a smile to everyone’s face...

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Conflict, Emotion and Skillful Self Expression

You might think the difficulty of a mediation derives from the complexity of the issues in dispute. But I’ve found that the emotional intelligence of the parties and their ability to create psychological safety are the most important factors.

Self awareness, empathy and self management are the foundation. But self management isn’t just about repressing the negative. It’s about being able to skillfully express a whole range of emotions. The ability to express our emotions in a nuanced, skillful way is what builds trust, penetrates defensive shields, creates authentic connection.

The arts have a lot to teach us about skillful emotional expression.

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The Art of Emotion in the Theatre of Business

Emotional intelligence is a hot topic in business. But too often the discussion is clinical, fear based and focused on how to regulate, control and repress our emotional natures. Even the label “emotional intelligence” can be seen as an attempt to bring the messy world of emotions, so grounded in the body, under the control of the more rational mind.

Only rarely do we explore the positive potential of emotional expression to enrich us and power a performance that moves people.

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