Emotional intelligence is a hot topic in business. But too often the discussion is clinical, fear based and focused on how to regulate, control and repress our emotional natures.

Even the label “emotional intelligence” can be seen as an attempt to bring the messy world of emotions, so grounded in the body, under the control of the more rational mind.

Only rarely do we explore the positive potential of emotional expression to enrich us and power a performance that moves people.

The study of emotion is really the study of what moves us. The word emotion comes from the Middle French, from emouvoir to stir up, from Latin emovre to remove, displace, to move.

And it turns out much of what moves us starts in the body, operating through sensory network which sends signals to our brain, gut, heart, muscles to create an embodied wisdom which our rational brain works to influence, often after the fact.

I have invited performance artist Meagan O-Shea to collaborate with me on a one day event to explore the territory of emotion in business. From the perspective of the expressive and performing arts.

You’ll hear more about this in coming months.

Who is the audience?

Anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of emotional intelligence and learn how to become more skillful at using emotional expression to move people.

People managers, coaches, mediators, human resources professionals, learning and development professionals, emotional intelligence consultants, public speakers, performance artists who want to explore new applications for their expertise.

Stay tuned.

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