Darlene Chrissley

I’m a creative being. A writer, performer and master coach. I believe in the beauty of my clients dreams and the power of the coaching process to help them see fulfillment.

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This Year I Plan To...

Explore the world with curiosity and wonder.

Contemplate life’s big questions.

Create something new and surprising.

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In Chaos I Trust

My one woman show, In Chaos I Trust, was featured at the 2016 Soulo Theatre Festival in Toronto, Canada.

Currently I’m hard at work on a new show called Museum of Desire.

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Let's Talk Power and Possibility

I’ve written a hopeful book. It’s about finding power when you feel powerless and new options when you feel stuck.

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You’re So Brave: A Master Class in Courage

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin Lately my life has been in expansion mode. I’ve been making courageous decisions and taking audacious action to let go of what has become too small for me and step into a...
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How to Be Consistently Creative

It has taken most of my life to understand the conditions that best support me as a creative being. In the absence of this knowledge I have often felt ungrounded and unsure. Finding it has made me at once more stable and more free. Here’s what I know for sure,...
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Focus on Fulfillment

Fulfillment may seem like a lofty thing to aim for in these materialistic times. But it’s what we long for, whether we are bold enough to go for it or not. We can help you make this season the most satisfying of your life.

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