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Darlene Chrissley

Creative being, master coach, author of Conversations For Power and Possibility

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Creative Being

My one woman show, In Chaos I Trust, was featured in the Soulo Theatre Festival (Toronto) in May, 2016. I am currently workshopping a new show, Museum of Desire, which will debut in the Spring of 2017.


Master Coach

If you’re ambitious about developing your potential, living on your own terms, and making a real contribution to the world, I can help you stretch beyond your current limitations, gain wisdom from every experience and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Conversations for Power and Possibility

Bad news, negative people and one new thing after another can leave us feeling powerless. Learn how to reverse a downward spiral, tap into hidden reserves of power, and find new possibilities in any situation.

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Conflict, Emotion and the Art of Self Expression

I’m convinced emotional intelligence is at the heart of people’s ability to resolve their conflicts and use them to grow as individuals and teams. It’s at the heart of most interpersonal work (leadership, communication, customer relations, sales). I’m curious about how to help individuals and teams become more skilled at applying emotional intelligence in the workplace. Our goal is not just “emotional management” (read repression) but “skillful emotional expression”.

Lately, a quote from the movie Love Actually keeps playing in my head. It’s by Emma Thompson’s character Karen, when her husband asks about the Joni Mitchell CD she’s listening to: “Joni Mitchell is the woman who taught your cold English wife how to feel.”

I wonder whether music, art, drama and movement might be the keys to teaching us about our feelings. I’m curious about the role they might play in our emotional education – even in the workplace from which they have been largely excluded.

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How to Be Consistently Creative

It has taken most of my life to understand the conditions that best support me as a creative being. In the absence of this knowledge I have often felt ungrounded and unsure. Finding it has made me at once more stable and more free. Here’s what I know for sure,...
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Bragging Rights

I’ve heard it said that most of what we share on social media is bragging. I guess it follows that you can tell a lot about what a person values by what they choose to post. I don’t put much stock in fame or money or possessions or even professional...
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Focus on Fulfillment

Lifescapers is introducing a whole new suite of programs for the Fall of 2016 . Focused on your personal fulfillment. Fulfillment may seem like a lofty thing to aim for in these materialistic times. But it’s what we long for, whether we are bold enough to go for it or not. We can help you make this season the most satisfying of your life. Programs begin September 20th.

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