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Darlene Chrissley

Lifescapers Inc.

A Power and Possibility Company

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Morally Ambitious?

If you’re up to something good, let’s talk. I’ve seen so many people begin well but lose their way when they run into the emotional and practical challenges of turning a vision into reality. Together we’re more creative, resourceful, resilient and wise than you could ever be on your own.

In Chaos I Trust

“This is a very interesting time. A free fall into the future. The old models aren’t working, the new have not yet arrived. In fact it’s we who are even now shaping the new. We are the ancestors of the age to come.”

From my one woman show, In Chaos I Trust, which was featured at Toronto’s Soulo Theatre Festival in 2016.

Let's Talk Power and Possibility

This is a transformational book. About finding power when you feel powerless and new options when you feel stuck. Available in paperback, ebook and audiobook.

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Coaching for the Morally Ambitious

You have high ideals. You want to develop your full potential, create a fulfilling life, do meaningful work, and make the world a better place to live. Not content to be a dreamer, you take action to turn dreams into reality. And continually invest in your...
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Conflict, Emotion and Skillful Self Expression

You might think the difficulty of a mediation derives from the complexity of the issues in dispute. But I’ve found that the emotional intelligence of the parties and their ability to create psychological safety are the most important factors.

Self awareness, empathy and self management are the foundation. But self management isn’t just about repressing the negative. It’s about being able to skillfully express a whole range of emotions. The ability to express our emotions in a nuanced, skillful way is what builds trust, penetrates defensive shields, creates authentic connection.

The arts have a lot to teach us about skillful emotional expression.

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How to Be Consistently Creative

It has taken most of my life to understand the conditions that best support me as a creative being. In the absence of this knowledge I have often felt ungrounded and unsure. Finding it has made me at once more stable and more free. Here’s what I know for sure,...
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Bragging Rights

I’ve heard it said that most of what we share on social media is bragging. I guess it follows that you can tell a lot about what a person values by what they choose to post. I don’t put much stock in fame or money or possessions or even professional...
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Focus on Fulfillment

Fulfillment may seem like a lofty thing to aim for in these materialistic times. But it’s what we long for, whether we are bold enough to go for it or not. We can help you make this season the most satisfying of your life.

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